The Teasdale touch – the beginnings…..

I am friendly, approachable and passionate about helping and supporting others and I have been fortunate to enjoy a career that fulfils this purpose in my life. I have gained a wealth of skills and knowledge working with young people and families and I have also built a network of strong relationships with partner organisations.

Usually a positive, calm and reassuring person I help others through their journey to ultimately fulfil their potential, but I broke and needed to restore and trying something new.

I set up my business to restore furniture, a keen interest in design, I began. A year later keen to continue to use my skills and experience to support others when approached to restore people as well.

Restoration began from my own personal experiences and using my career background I have created my own 18 week programme to help others bounce back.

The mind is the architect, designer & sculptor ‘Lets create together’






The Aim is –

To develop an environment which is both welcoming and engaging. To work with individuals to help them develop and progress. To restore both furniture and people.

The Objectives are (ideally but like life subject to change!) to create and make work towards Exhibition ‘Pull up a chair’’ – Covid-19 (21.2.21)