The Teasdale touch – the beginnings…..

I was fortunate to be surrounded by good family, friends and hoard! when I became unwell last year, quick version, sponge=forgot to wring out=no good to anyone…..

I decoupaged, created and RESTORED (the floral drawers…)

That piece re-ignited something….

Stuff became easier to address and subsequently lots of support (&restoration of pieces) later…….

Restoration18 derives from my own personal experiences and using my career background I have created my own 18* week programme to help others bounce back… Restoration18

The mind is the architect, designer & sculptor ‘Lets create together’

The Aim is –

To develop an environment which is both welcoming and engaging. To work with individuals to help them develop and progress. To restore both furniture and people.

The Objectives are (ideally but like life subject to change!) to create and make work towards Exhibition (19.9.19)