To continue to offer Advice and Guidance to help individuals progress.

People Involvement all the way!

I want to create opportunities for connection and structure in peoples hectic lives, reinventing ways to greater wellbeing and promoting self-care

I am dedicated to helping people progress and with a passion for all things recyclable my passion for restoration comes into fruition…….

What people say about me……

Michelle Davison-Ward reviewed theteasdaletouch – 5 star

17 October at 21:31

Amazing lady, helping you restore yourself whilst you are being creative. Definitely recommend x

I credit every single ounce of my ‘success’ to Emma as without her selfless care and encouragement I would not be in the job that I love now. Lucy – NYCC Adult Learning & Skills Service, Adult Education Teacher

As an able bodied, literate ex Bank Manager, finding Emma changed my life and I know she offers exactly the same level of support and encouragement to everyone. It is Emma who has always encouraged me to give back to the community.- Christine retired.

The Teasdale Touch – Our Values

They underpin what we do and how we do it……..

Restoration of furniture and people

Valuing and celebrating diversity

Appreciating everyone’s uniqueness

To help develop and progress

To restore!

I Use any profit from the sale of furniture to enable funded places (Restoration18 project) are available to those in need but not able to access a route of entry through a funded place.

Ensure costs are minimised, recycling everything!